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Why You Should Give a Sh*t About Content Marketing

Many small business owners don't realize that you can spend less on advertising and actually increase the amount of people who discover you.

No, really. We're not shitting you.

One way to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat is through a mix of content marketing and social media. This is a marketing strategy that involves producing high quality material for your website, and sharing it via Facebook, Twitter, and other applicable social media platforms. If content marketing is done correctly, it's more effective than traditional advertising because people will actually give a damn about what you're putting out there.

How does it work?

First, producing more content for your website can increase your online visibility. If your new pages contain the right keywords to attract enough traffic, your site's ranking on the results of search engines like Google will increase (see our post on SEO). This means it will be more likely that customers searching online for your services will find you.

Quality content on your site can also earn you more social media followers. If your site links back to your social media platforms, customers will start to follow you and share your content with their followers. In a world where more people than ever use social media, this is valuable (and very wide) exposure. And if your content is original and useful, it won't feel to customers like they're seeing ads: it will feel like they're sharing interesting content, so they'll be even more inclined to check you out. In the social media biz, we call this organic engagement, and it is incredibly valuable.

Keep reading, more hot tips are coming your way.

Spreading this content through greater engagement with customers on social media will also strengthen your brand. Your company will appear more authentic and in touch with the needs of consumers. Your customers will be exclaiming, "Wow, they really GET me and know all of my needs and desires." (You should hope).

Perhaps the greatest benefit of content marketing is the reduction in advertising costs. However, content marketing does cost a great deal of time and effort, which are significant resources. Do you have the time to blog regularly, build email newsletters, use the right keywords, choose trending topics to discuss, and promote your work on engaging social media platforms?

Hellooooo. That's where we come in.

Kaden Ave can help produce original content for you and manage your social media presence to keep your business in the public eye. No BS, just a custom crafted strategy that will blow your customers' minds (or at least keep them engaged in what you're putting out there). We specialize in blog copywriting, building email marketing campaigns, and writing engaging website content that is optimized for SEO.

Contact Kaden Ave to discuss your content marketing needs. It may be the most cost effective decision you make all year.

No sh*t.

Thanks for reading!

Kady & Avery

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