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How Your Social Media Impacts SEO

So you want your website to rank in Google, and you're wondering how social media plays into that. You've come to the right place.

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media are BFFs

One of the most important considerations for your online presence is search engine optimization, aka SEO. When people search online for services that your business provides, will they find you near the top of their results? (Psst.. you really, really want them to find you at the top of their results.)

Many businesses underestimate the benefits of a strong social media presence in boosting their SEO. While it's not totally clear exactly how search engines like Google factor social media into their rankings (it's a tight locked secret), industry professionals widely agree that a strong social media presence with highly engaged content contributes significantly to SEO values. Essentially, the more engaged your business is on social media -- the more quality content you post, the more engaged followers you have, the more shares and likes your posts receive -- the higher you'll rank in search engine results. Neato!

Some people think that publishing content on social media merely contributes to branding: it helps produce an image for your business that stands out in the marketplace. And while developing your brand is a part of the benefits of social media, a much greater benefit is raising your SEO quality. Authentic, on-brand messaging increases the amount your business will be searched, boosting your rankings in search results.

Why Do Followers Matter?

The followers you acquire across social media platforms also influence your SEO. This is not just an issue of quantity but of quality: though some businesses "buy" followers on social media in order to appear popular, the number alone matters less than the amount of engagement. For the record, we DO NOT recommend buying followers. If more REAL people are spending time on your social media sites, and if you are interacting with customers and important people in your industry, it will boost your SEO far more than if you have a large number of followers on mostly silent social media pages.

This engagement, though, is a lot of work. You'll need to craft on-brand messages that get liked and shared. You'll need to share content that others will like and share with their followers. You'll need to interact with your followers and their comments. An engaged social media presence means that people find your content valuable, informing search engines that your ranking should be higher.

But who has time for this engagement?

This is where social media marketing companies come in handy: a company like Kaden Ave can help craft a strategy for your social media presence that can boost your SEO and increase business. In a world where more and more people use search engines to find businesses, this can be more beneficial than regular advertising. Kaden Ave can also manage your social media presence for you, handling the time-consuming but important work of engaging with customers online.

The secret to boosting your SEO is consistent, quality engagement across multiple social media sites. Contact us today to see how Kaden Ave can help grow your business online.

Thanks for reading!

Kady & Avery

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