'Tis the season for giving, right?

We didn't buy you a present, but Edmonton (and Alberta)'s social media marketing community did come together in a big way to share some highly valuable social media related tips. Free advice is worth its weight in gold, right?

Coordinated by Adam Rozenhart and Kaden Ave's own Avery Johnson, these tips have come from a collective of experience. These 12 tidbits will come in handy if you are responsible for managing your own business' social media accounts, or if you have been assigned to mange it on the side of your desk. Social media marketing is an extremely effective (and fun!) form of marketing when it is done properly, and those of us that have been around the sun have seen our fair share of improperly managed accounts.

We've compiled them here for you to read in one place. If you have any questions about any of these tips, please tweet @ any of us, or contact Kaden Ave Communications as we'd love to chat about anything social media!

Tip #1: from Adam Rozenhart, aka @bingofuel

First tip for #12daysofsocial comes from yours truly (Adam Rozenhart): You can't just load the content shotgun and fire it indiscriminately. Develop content that works on that channel for that audience. Be a sniper!

Tip #2: from Joe Whitbread of @JoeSocialMedia

Day two of #12daysofsocial is a tip from @JoeSocialMedia: It’s still a real world. Your social media connections have to result in a meeting, handshak(e) or point of real contact.

Tip #3: from Tyler Jack Butler, aka @tylerjackbutler

Day 3's #12daysofsocial tip comes from @tylerjackbutler: Fancy numbers are the best part of social media. Your analytics (and what you do with them) are what sets you apart.

Tip #4: from Beverley Theresa, aka @hellobeverley

Day 4 of #12daysofsocial has @hellobeverley giving it to you raw: Show people why they should care about you. Digital marketers always preach about valuable content. There's a reason for that. Put your ego in the back seat & serve your audience—they'll serve you back.

Tip #5: from Krystina Silva, aka @krystinaiam

#12daysofsocial day 5 tip from @krystinaiam: Showcase community members engaging with your brand through an account takeover. Let the creativity of your guest shine and show off your brand in creative ways (all while staying on message, of course!)

Tip #6: from Shereen Zink, aka @shereenzink

Check out this knowledge bomb from @shereenzink on day 6 of the #12daysofsocial: Use a content calendar to plan balanced content that addresses your goals, speaks to your target demographics, and engages your audience every month.

Tip #7: Kady Hobbins, aka @kadydane of Kaden Ave Communications

It's day 7 of #12daysofsocial, and @kadydane shares this tip: Treat influencer collabs like any other relationship you value. Be flexible in your negotiations but firm in your values. Disclose the partnership. And most importantly, be true to you.

Tip #8: Linda Hoang, aka @lindork

Slowly working our way to #12daysofsocial. Peep this Day-8 tip from @lindork: Tools that streamline social are helpful, but don’t auto cross-post your content. Tweaking content - even slightly - by platform makes a huge difference and provides a more engaging user experience.

Tip #9: from Brittney Le Blanc, aka @britl

@britl has this to share on Day 9 of #12daysofsocial: Your follower count doesn’t matter if your community isn’t engaged. Be genuine in your interactions. Automated messages & fake followers are a surefire way to show you don’t care. Care about them & they’ll care more about you.

Tip #10: from Chris Mikulin, aka @cmikulin

On Day 10 of the #12daysofsocial, @cmikulin asks: Can you define what your brand stands for? Why you’re on social? What success looks like? To find the best results on social everything you do should relate back to your mission & goals. Set a weekly reminder to review them.

Tip #11: from Mike Morrison, aka @mikesbloggity

We're down to Day 11 of #12daysofsocial. Today, @mikesbloggity shares this tip: Your focus should not be to be going viral. It should be about building a community. Viral posts come and go, community lasts forever.

Tip #12: from Avery Johnson, aka @JohnsonAve of Kaden Ave Communications

It's Day 12 of #12daysofsocial, so @johnsonave gets the last word: No one wants to follow a boring brand account. Inject some personality and humour into your content so people will actually read it. Adding a personal touch goes a long way toward encouraging engagement.

BONUS TIP: from Adam Rozenhart, aka @bingofuel

OK I lied. Here's a #12daysofsocial bonus tip: It's the holidays. Unplug *if you want and can*, and experience zero guilt! Merry Christmas from myself and all the social whizzes who provided tips this holiday season!

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