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Sarah Dharshi

DEI Educator + Social Media Specialist


Sarah Dharshi (she/her) is a former Social Media Specialist with Kaden Ave Communications and a graduate of MacEwan University's Public Relations program. She is currently working full time in a communications role for the Mayor's Office.

In addition to her job in professional communications, she moonlights as a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant with Kaden Ave. Since 2011, Sarah has created multiple platforms for her and fellow racialized women to address feminism, domestic and sexual violence, mental health, body/sex positivity, anti-racism, 2SLGBTQIA+ issues and more; all through the lenses of intersectionality and abolition. She is now able to continue this work with the support of Kaden Ave. Through sharing personal stories via public speaking, frontlines activism, professional communications, community collaboration and performance art, Sarah hopes to inspire her peers and allies to use their voices as catalysts for positive change and to create a narrative through her multi-disciplinary work that prioritizes human equity and inclusion above all.

Sarah (Saw-rah)'s 3 wicked fun facts...

If you had to describe your personal aesthetic, what would it be?

Business Baddie. That's it, that's the answer.

What's your favourite piece of advice?

I have two! "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!", which helps me work through difficult situations and "Some people just deserve to get their feelings hurt" - shout-out to Fezco from Euphoria for justifying my Scorpio tendencies!

If you could spend 24 hours with one famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?

I would really love to spend time with the late great bell hooks because her teachings have shaped my personal beliefs in ways I can't even describe.  I would make her chai and pick flowers with her.

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