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Katrina Turchin

Social Media Specialist

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Katrina is a MacEwan University Bachelor of Communications graduate with a major in journalism.


She worked as digital editor at Edify Magazine for a year and a half and was nominated for an emerging writer award at the 2022 Alberta Magazine Awards. She is excited to bring her writing skills to social media content creation. 

She loves reading, country music, the colour pink, travelling and romantic comedies. Her go-to party trick is juggling. Her favourite social media app is a tie between Instagram and Tik Tok, and her weekly screen time is embarrassingly high. You will never see Katrina without a cup of coffee in hand and she is always ready to show you pictures of her cats and dog. 

3 cool facts about Katrina...

What is your favourite movie?

Without a doubt, Legally Blonde. It’s my comfort movie and I’ve watched it so many times I could probably recite it word for word. 

What’s your favourite piece of advice?

“Life begins outside your comfort zone.” One of my university professors once said this to our class and it’s been my favourite quote ever since. 

What’s your favourite part of social media?

I love the creativity of social media. Each platform has its own specialty that makes it unique and I love seeing how people experiment with the content they make, and experimenting with it myself. 

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