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Karly Watson

Creative Team Lead


Karly is our Content Manager and is always busy creating!

She has been with the Kaden Ave team for almost 3 years and has a habit of not drinking full cans of diet coke. Her passion for all things social media marketing shines bright and loves to connect with others online. She has worked in a wide range of areas including the Government of Alberta, Oil & Gas, Architecture, and retail which shines through in her expertise! Karly has always had a creative spark for all things art.

In her free time, Karly is a mental health advocate and enjoys snuggling with her animals, and enjoys running, dancing, and biking.

3 fun facts about Karly...

What is your favourite part of social media?

Connecting with amazing people from all around the world. Constantly learning new things and meeting new people.

How did you end up in social media?

I’ve always had a fascination with social media and have been utilizing social platforms as early as 10 years old. (Shout out Neopets) I had been bouncing around different Executive Assistant positions for roughly 10 years and realized although I was good at this role I hated what I did and wanted to serve more purpose and use my creative mind in my work. Cue connecting Kady and Avery on a separate project. We instantly clicked and the rest was history. Thankful for my role in such a cool company run by the most badass women I’ve ever met.

What is your favourite hobby?

I love to run, dance, and create art in all forms!

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