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Alexis Zacharko

Cannabis Marketing Specialist


Alexis joined our team back in 2020, after completing her BComm with a major in Marketing and spending two and a half years as a Cannabis Educator and Community Organizer. Her vast knowledge of cannabis culture, community, and regulations alongside her social media experience, have made her an expert in all things cannabis social media marketing. She prides herself in creating innovative and engaging content that falls within social media’s community guidelines. Although her area of specialization is in cannabis, Alexis works across a variety of industries including food & beverage, entertainment, utilities, and consumer goods.


Like every good social media manager, Alexis is a jack of all trades. She manages everything that social media might throw at her including; copywriting, video filming and editing, product and lifestyle photography, branding, communication strategy, and strategy execution. If you need someone to help you with everything from A to Z in social media marketing, Alexis has you covered. 

The top 3 things to know about Alexis...

What is your favourite part about social media?

My favourite part about social media is the way that it increases accessibility to communication. Social media has the ability for anyone to reach a large audience and create a voice for themselves. People can find communities, understand world news, or find helpful tutorials at the tip of their fingers. 


Traditional marketing techniques, such as print and television advertising, come with high costs; they are not always accessible. Social media provides an opportunity for businesses, communities, and individuals to share information at little to no monetary cost. There is something so beautiful about a space where people can connect, collaborate, and grow. 

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

If I could live anywhere I would be spending my days alongside a beach that never experiences snow. I often tell people I’m like a lizard that thrives in the beams of the hot sun, so I would like to be far away from the short days of the cold winter months. Most likely I would live somewhere along the coast of California where cannabis is legal, In-N-Out Burger is a short drive away, and the sun is likely shining.

If you had to describe your personal aesthetic, what would it be?

I would describe my personal aesthetic as beachy, retro maximalism. When it comes to my personal brand, more is more. From decorating my living spaces to choosing the perfect outfit, you can always expect an excess of colour and pattern with a touch of retro wonder.

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