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Addie Hobbins

Web Designer


During the day, you can find Addie teaching Kindergarten, but by night she's a web designer with a keen eye. You can usually find her playing with her dog, Huckleberry, or playing Lacrosse and Ringette. 

She was born and raised outside of Edmonton on an acreage and graduated from U of A with an Education degree in 2018.

When she's not up to all of her other hobbies, she is making custom pet sweaters for her company, Huckleberry and Company

3 concise Q&As with Addie...

If you were a colour, what would you be?

Definitely beige. 

What is your favourite hobby?

My favourite hobby is playing any and all sports or hanging out with my dog! 

What is your favourite movie?

The Longest Ride - I love a good romance.

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