About Kaden Ave


Kaden Ave Communications is a social media marketing firm in Edmonton, Alberta. It was founded in 2017 by Kady and Avery, hence the name Kaden Ave (Kade & Ave). We specialize in social media management and creating high quality organic social media content for our selected portfolio of small and medium business clients.


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Kady (with a long a) is a born-and-raised Edmontonian and MacEwan University alum. While her day-job experience lies in commercial real estate, non-profit and automotive sectors, she moonlights as an Instagram influencer and social media strategist for a number of Canadian brands and businesses. 


She specializes in creative content development and curation, Facebook advertising including creative development, targeting and analytics reporting, as well as public relations training and crisis communications.


When not working, she’s still probably scrolling on Instagram, riding her bike, or hanging out with her dog and cat.

Contact Kady at kady@kadenave.com
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Avery (also with a long A) is originally from small town Alberta, having moved to Edmonton immediately after finishing high school. She holds two degrees from MacEwan University, one in archaeology and another in honours psychology. Naturally, she has found her calling working in digital marketing. 

Avery's professional experience has been in account management and more recently as a digital marketing strategist, but her interests lie in all things social media marketing related. She specializes in content marketing and social media advertising, as well as analytics-based reporting.

For fun, Avery likes going to museums and movies by herself, drinking cheap wine with good friends, and blogging.

Contact Avery at avery@kadenave.com


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Business Development Manager

Karly is a born and raised Edmontonian, after her ten years of experience in both the public and private sectors she took a leap of faith by completely changing careers to steer herself in the direction of her passion that is marketing and content creation. She is currently on her way to completing her Marketing Degree with the University of Athabasca.

Karly's professional experience has been in a wide range of areas including economic development, agriculture and forestry, oil and gas, architecture, and property management and most recently social media marketing and content creation. Her passion for marketing and networking has always thrived as she loves to meet new people and work with them to find what best represents them as a person in their business and online presence. 

When Karly has free time, she enjoys dancing, watching documentaries, and running through the river valley!

Contact Karly at karly@kadenave.com